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DayZ Resurrection

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What We Offer

We are a dedicated DayZ community offering an Epoch experience in DayZ Standalone!Our goal is to give you that old DayZ Epoch experience you’ve been looking for! Whether that’s zombies, custom weapons, custom map edits, vehicles and base building.




Server costs and donations



Once approved for monetization we will also offer priority queue slots to a maximum of 10 per server at 10$ USD a slot.This will help us pay for the server while not making it too rough on players just looking to play.
All money made through monetization will go toward server costs

Hosting DayZ servers is not only a passion for us but a serious expense.
Currently we are lucky enough to have our staff members not only helping out the player base and making sure everyone is having the best experience we can offer, but they're also helping foot the bill. We do accept donations and they go straight toward server costs.

All donations are welcome and we appreciate all donators, however any donations over 5$ USD entitle the donator to a room on the discord for them and their friend's to use.These rooms have higher bitrate audio available to them and in addition to the rooms, they gain access to donator only chat on the discord, advanced notice of events, advanced placements for server events (you can sign up before others) as well as inclusion in the discords raffle in which discord nitro (or a priority queue slot once approved for monetization) is up for grabs on a monthly basis.

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Server rules:

  1. -Hacking isn't tolerated and will result in a permanent ban. Additionally bans on our servers will also be shared with our ban network of over a dozen communities.

  2. -Glitching will result in a ban. Glitching is defined as “the practice of players exploiting faults in a video game's programming to achieve tasks that give them an unfair advantage in the game”. If you find that you have glitched into a base unintentionally, please advise an admin so that it may be fixed. If you claim that an individual glitched to give themselves an advantage, we require a video recording for any compensation to be given.

  3. -Duping of any kind will result in a ban. If you find that an item in your inventory has duped, please advise an admin so that it can be deleted. Duping can cause server crashes which effects the playtime of all the players.

  4. -Combat Logging will result in a ban. You must wait 2 minutes from the last time you were shot at or since you shot at someone before you can log out of the server.

  5. -Stream sniping of any kind will result in a ban.

  6. -No toxic behavior. This includes any mic spam including playing loud music. If asked to stop by an admin please cease your activity.

  7. -Racism will not be tolerated and will result in a ban. No hints at racism, using similar words, or pushing the boundaries.

  8. -Harassment of other players or staff will result in a ban.

  9. -No military loot may be blocked by any player base or player base items.

  10. -If a staff member asks you to desist in something you are doing, you are to do so, if not the action taken against you will be entirely discretionary.

  11. -Prop/player piling, stacking or climbing over the height of a player (from the ground) is strictly prohibited. Examples of this include: stacking ladders, plots, or people. If something is meant to be on the ground, keep it on the ground. No floating objects. You may stand on a single persons shoulder and no more.

  12. -No Traderzone “combat skirting”. **-The Safe Zone for Traders is 700 meters (except for Svergino which is 500) in any direction from the center of the trade zone. Fighting outside of this zone is allowed; however, if you are in a fight outside of the zone, you may not repeatedly enter and exit the zone again for safety during combat. This is combat skirting and will result in a ban. Any accusations of combat skirting requires video evidence in order for action to be taken against the accused.

  13. -Building inside of the trade zone is a minimum ban of 2 weeks depending on severity. Repeat offenders will be permabanned.

  14. -No tent can be placed in a way as to be used to get over walls.

  15. -Advertising streams in game is prohibited, we have a content creators room in the discord for a reason.

  16. -Cars within the safe zone are not to be touched by anyone outside of the group that owns the vehicle.

  17. -Taking from cars in the safe zone is against the rules.

  18. -No base can be regarded as "unraidable". There must be a way for someone on the outside to get inside.

  19. -Logging out in a player base is strictly against the rules and will result in a ban.

  20. -Griefing bases is against the rules. Only destroy what needs to be destroyed to gain entry, no more. No blocking base entrances. Despawning loot is only allowed if you are taking the method of storage. For example, if you would like to take a tent and there is loot inside that you do not want, you may drop the loot on the ground; however, you must take the tent. Don’t despawn loot just so that they cannot have it. Player made structures cannot be used to farm building supplies.

  21. -Placing locks on other peoples bases is against the rules.

  22. -Metagaming for in game base coordinates is against the rules. At no point will "proof" be provided to the banned. No staff member is under any obligation to provide any "proof" that has been used. Any attempt to circumvent a ban will either increase the ban length for that user or cause them to be permanently banned. Any attempt to circumvent in game systems will result in a ban. Ban length is entirely discretionary and up to the staff member handling the situation. Some of these rules involve some sort of proof to be provided, such as combat logging and combat evading. Please be sure to record your gameplay (via programs like shadow play) so that you can share your proof and the correct actions can be taken. If no video proof is given to admins, the admins will not be able to take action against the accused.

  23. -Cars are use at your own risk. No compensation will be given for the loss of any car or gear if a car is involved. -All compensation claims require video proof of what was lost and how the loss occurred. You must post in the compensation request section for this to be considered.

  24. -Watchtowers cannot exceed 2 watchtower heights in total (ie the watchtowers when stacked will be 5 floors total from top to bottom).

  25. -It is against the rules to use objects that can be held in hand or cars to get over walls by means of climbing on top of them.

  26. -No taking over bases.

  27. -No tent stacking over 4, it's prohibited.

  28. -No stacking stacking fences over 5 floors.

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Staff Applications

All staff applications are handled through the discord, if you wish to apply to be a staff member please join the discord and submit a formatted application.

Staff members are expected to be active.

Staff members are expected to be professional and helpful.

Staff members are expected to exemplify the rules and expectations of their positions.

Above all staff members are expected to be mature decent people who not only show respect to what we are trying to build but to the players who call our servers home.

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Upcoming Events

  • 2 teams will raid a large guerrilla force holding a compound. The objective is to take out all the guerrillas and rescue any hostages.
Home: Events
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